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Register for Council Tax and Change of Address

If you are moving to, moving within or moving out of Colchester Borough, we need to know:

  • The date of your move
  • Details of your old and new addresses 
  • Details of who is moving with you
  • Who will be taking on your old property

If you are a Resident, please use the form below to report your change of details to us:

Do it online - move form page This link opens in a new browser window

If you are a Landlord/Agent, please tell us about a tenant that is moving by emailing us at

Please provide the following details:

  • Your name, contact telephone and email address
  • Landlord/Owner address
  • The name of your tenant/s and the address they are moving into or leaving
  • How many tenants are moving into or out of the property?
  • The date of this change
  • The name of the new tenants if applicable?